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Short Business Description: Save your files and photos to OneDrive and get them from any device, anywhere.
Long Business Description:

Stay productive when you're off the grid. You can access your files without being online, which means you can always have your most important files with you. Create polished documents, unlock insights, present with clarity, and collaborate in real-time using Office 365. You'll always have the latest Office applications, 1 TB of OneDrive storage, and premium OneDrive features.

Use your phone, tablet, or computer to continue what you started — wherever you happen to be. Any changes you make will be updated on all your devices. Share files, folders, and photos with friends and family. No more large email attachments or thumb drives — just send a link via email, text, iMessage, or Facebook.

If something happens to your device, you don't have to worry about losing your files or photos – they're in your OneDrive. And OneDrive is encrypted using SSL.

Business Website Address: Home
Business Phone Number: 1-877-696-7786
Open Journal Systems
Address: 13835 N. Tatum Blvd #319, Phoenix, AZ
Short Business Description: is a Phoenix-based technology company that provides premium services and technical support for Open Journal Systems (OJS) and online journal publishing.
Long Business Description: has helped academic professionals, research institutions, and universities around the world establish online journals using the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software. We offer variety of journal-hosting solutions, guidance, and advice to scientist, researchers, and editors to help create and share global knowledge and disseminate their digital content using our journal-hosting platform.
Our products and services include managed hosting and installations, theme, workflow and plugin customization, software upgrade, basic support, training, programming, editorial services and more.

Business Website Address: Home
Business Website Address: About Us
Business Phone Number: 602-527-7080
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: The mission of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is to provide software for the public good. We do this by providing services and support for many like-minded software project communities consisting of individuals who choose to participate in ASF activities.
Long Business Description:

Established in 1999, the ASF is a US 501(c)(3) charitable organization, funded by individual donations and corporate sponsors. Our all-volunteer board oversees more than 350 leading Open Source projects, including Apache HTTP Server -- the world's most popular Web server software.
The ASF provides an established framework for intellectual property and financial contributions that simultaneously limits potential legal exposure for our project committers. Through the ASF's meritocratic process known as "The Apache Way," more than 730 individual Members and 7,000 Committers successfully collaborate to develop freely available enterprise-grade software, benefiting millions of users worldwide: thousands of software solutions are distributed under the Apache License; and the community actively participates in ASF mailing lists, mentoring initiatives, and ApacheCon, the Foundation's official user conference, trainings, and expo.

Business Website Address: Home
Opentext Xtender
Address: 275 Frank Tompa Drive
Waterloo, ON
N2L 0A1
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Discover how a little spin-off company from the University of Waterloo became the market leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM).
Long Business Description:

OpenText™ powers digital transformations to empower the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise. Enabling companies to digitize processes and supply chains and discover value in their information with analytics and Artificial Intelligence, OpenText offers greater business insight to make data-driven decisions for success.

Get the business-critical insight you need to manage the flow of information, on-premises or in the cloud, and build your digital future with OpenText Enterprise Information Management solutions.

Business Website Address: Home
Business Website Address: About Us
Business Phone Number: 519-888-7111
Business Fax: 519-888-0677

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