Network and Collaborate

Help us get to know you

HELLO is much more than a web site it is a community.  That means we have to have mechanisms to get to know each other and we need your help to achieve this.  Please complete your member profile (see My Stuff in the top menu) by sharing information about yourself.  The profile includes the ability to share:

  • Primary affiliation (the area of university leadership in which you are involved).
  • The reason you joined the HELLO Community.
  • Your C.V. / resume or link to an online ePortfolio (especially important to establish credibility for those publishing articles).
  • A link to your most recent employer so members can get a sense of where you work(ed).

Members may wish to make contact with you outside the HELLO Community so email, social networking and video conferencing information can be provided.  We also ask that you share your location information so we can help members form local networks by finding HELLO Community members who are nearby (plus its just neat to see where our members are in the World).  We prefer that you do not provide your street information unless you really wish to do so.  With the exception of your location and affiliation which are visible to everyone, you can determine who can see the above information – everyone, only you, members, or just friends.  The HELLO Community does not share any member information with anyone but its own members and you control that access.

Create your own network of friends and colleagues

Once you have established your profile you can start to connect with members.  Take a look at the complete membership roster or find members by their affiliation group or location.  Click on a members name in either list to see their profile.  You will also notice that in the lists and in the profile you can:

  • Follow/unfollow a member – useful if you like what they have to say in articles or blog posts.
  • Send a friendship request to a member and unfriend them later if you wish.
  • Send a compliment – lets members know you appreciate the resources or knowledge they have shared with the community.
  • Send either a private or public message (these messages will show up on the [Messages] tab of their profile where they can respond privately to you).
  • If you are a group administrator you can invite a member to join your group.

All of these mechanisms are designed to help you connect with other members so please use them liberally.

Collaborate with members in PRIVATE Groups

What’s the point of having a community if we don’t work together?  Within HELLO you can participate in the broad community and create smaller communities of your own by forming groups with selected members.  This offers opportunities to interact confidentially with members that you trust.  Within these PRIVATE groups you can have discussions in a forum; make announcements to the group; work with other group members to create documents and control who sees them; and get the lay of the land by conducting polls or surveys of the group membership.  You can also choose to get emails (immediately or as digests) whenever there is activity within your group.  If you would like to join a group simply click on the [Request Membership] button next to its name in the list.  The group moderator will receive a message and determine whether or not you meet the membership criteria and respond to you either way.  By default all HELLO members can join the Everyone group where you can experiment with these group features.