Navigating the site

The HELLO Community Home page displays feature content and the most recent blog posts.  The web site has four areas for menus:

  • Top Main:  Content developed for and by our members is located in the main top-most horizontal menu.  Here you will find peer-reviewed articles, discussion forums, networking and collaboration information, shared files, recommended Internet sites, suggested readings, a business directory, and events shared with the community.  All of these have drop down menus revealed by mouse overs, which lead to a variety of related pages.  The main item always leads to the first item on the drop-down menu even though it may have a longer and slightly different title.  On the far right is the Members item which has an extensive menu of its own which is described below
  • Top sub-menu:  This menu is located immediately below the Top Main.  It is the administrative menu providing information about HELLO and its advisory committees, the site blog, its policies, guides, contact form and support forums.  Most of the items have drop downs revealed by mouse overs.
  • Right hand vertical menu:  This menu appears on all non-full width pages including the Home page.  It is the utility menu providing tools to translate the entire site into multiple languages, ways to find content, announcements, recommended books, and mechanisms to invite your friends and colleagues to join our community
  • Footer menu:  This menu provides information on the most popular content, imminent events, active members and groups.  It also shows members that you are currently following or that you have friended. In addition, it provides connections to the HELLO Community LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter sites.

The My Stuff area of the site


This area contains customized information for each member and has its own extensive menu system.  It has a main horizontal menu and a secondary menu below it which changes as each main menu item is selected.  The main menu items are as follows:

  • Activity:  This summarizes your actions and interactions on the site.
    • Personal:  The actions you have taken such as updating your profile, publishing to the blog, etc.
    • Mentions:  You can mention a member by embedding their username preceded by the @ symbol anywhere in your text, @geglynn for example.  Usernames can be found by visiting the membership directory and following the link to the profile which displays the username next to the picture.  This provides a mechanism for citing another members comments, posts, etc., in your own writing.  If someone has mentioned you in their writing you will see a reference to it listed in the Mentions section.
    • Following:  Activity of the members you have chosen to follow.  You can also comment on and favorite their posts.
    • Favorites:  Lists changes that have happened to items on which you clicked the favorite button.
    • Friends:  Lists the activity of members who are your friends.
    • Groups:  Lists the activity which has occurred in groups in which you are a member.
  • Profile:  Information about you.
    • View:  Shows the fields in your profile that you have completed.  Empty fields are not shown.  BASE information is information that was submitted during the registration process.  Additional sections include About Me and Contact Me.
    • Edit:  Shows all fields that you can change.  There are separate tabs for the Base, Contact Me and About Me information.  Many of these fields enable you to determine who can see the information by clicking on the [Change] button.
    • Change profile picture – upload or take a photo to display on the site
    • Change cover image – upload a banner image to go behind your photo.
  • Downloads:  Files you have attached to articles and posts to the web site.  Listed under tabs for Read and Unread.
  • Notifications:  Alerts you have received about mentions, messages, friend requests, etc.
  • Messages:  Messages received, sent, flagged with a star, and a form to compose a new message for a community member.
  • Friendships:  Lists of members with whom you are friends and of pending requests.
  • Following:  The community members you have chosen to follow.
  • Followers:  The community members who have chosen to follow you.
  • Groups:
    • Memberships:  The groups in which you are a member.
    • Invitations:  Pending invitations to you to join a group, originating from a friend who is a member of the group.
  • Compliments:  Messages of compliment you have received from other members.
  • Forums:
    • Topics started:  A list of the topics you have started.
    • Replies created:  Replies you have posted to topics.
    • Favorites:  Topics you have favorited.
    • Subscriptions:  Forums and topics for which you want to receive email digests about new posts.
  • Send invites:  Spread the word about the HELLO Community by using this form to invite colleagues to join.  Customize the canned subject and text, and select groups in which you think your invitees may have an interest.
  • Articles: The peer reviewed articles that you:
    • Published:  Articles that have been completed and are public.
    • Under Review:  Articles awaiting Editorial Board feedback.
    • Draft:  Under construction.
    • New Article:  Author and submit a pitch for a new article.
  • Docs:  Collaborative group documents you have either started or participated in authoring.
  • Settings
    • General:  Change you email address and password.
    • Email:  Customize the events that trigger dispatching an email to you.
    • Compliments:  Set who can see your compliments page.
    • Profile Visibility:  A quick way to set visibility for each of your profile fields.