Navigating The Site

The HELLO Community Home page displays feature content and the most recent blog posts in its main display area.  Selecting menu items replaces this content, and for complex information may also hide the vertical menu on the right side of the page. The web site has four areas for menus:

  • Top horizontal main menu:  Content developed for and by our members is located in the main top-most horizontal menu. Here you will find peer-reviewed articles / essays, user groups with discussion forums, access to the most recent and historical blog posts, access to the mentormatch program, shared files, recommended Internet sites, suggested readings, events shared with the community, a business directory, and member information and utilities.  All of these have drop down menus, revealed by mouse overs, which lead to a variety of related pages.  The main menu item always links to the first item on the drop-down menu even though it may have a longer and slightly different title.  
  • Top horizontal sub-menu:  This menu is located immediately below the Top Main.  It is the administrative menu providing information about HELLO and its advisory committees, user guides, policies, following and promoting the community, how to get involved, contact form and support forums.  Most of the items have drop downs revealed by mouse overs.
  • Right hand vertical menu:  This menu appears on all non-full width pages including the Home page.  It is the utility menu providing tools to translate the entire site into multiple languages, ways to find content, announcements, recommended books, and mechanisms to invite your friends and colleagues to join our community. It also shows the sibling pages related to the page displayed in the main content section. This duplicates the drop down menu displayed by either of the horizontal menus.
  • Footer menu:  This menu provides information on the most popular content, imminent events, active members and groups, and a random selection of vendors.  It also shows members that you are currently following or that you have friended. In addition, it provides connections to the HELLO Community LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter sites.