About Suggested Readings

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a good book or article to read that will help you develop your leadership and managerial skills!  Our members have developed quite a reading list of recommended books.  In addition, you can click on each book, see reviews, and even order it online.  In fact, we would greatly appreciate it if you would order through our links to the vendors as we get a small percentage of each book’s purchase price, which helps to support the operating and promotional costs of the HELLO Community, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Add your own recommendations to the reading list

Please also consider adding books that you recommend to the community (screenshot).  It couldn’t be easier – all you need is the ISBN number from the cover page and our software will download all of the other information from the Internet.  If you don’t know this number just enter the title and as much of the other information as possible and select the correct book from the search results.

External Articles

These are articles published on other Internet sites that have been submitted and recommended by HELLO Community members.  They contain a short description/review (screenshot) that should help you decide if the article is worth reading and a link to the original article.

Selecting and Discussing Articles

On the listing pages you can use open-text search to find articles, filter the list by interest groups (categories) and topics (tags), and sort by the author, publication date or title.  On each article page you can contribute to our group knowledge by commenting and asking questions at the bottom of each article.