HELLO and Welcome

Introduction And Overview

(Watch our video for a quick guide)

Welcome to the Higher Education Leadership Learning Online (HELLO) Community – a not-for-profit, peer led and fed, community of practice.  As we hope the name conveys, HELLO is a welcoming learning community designed and run by and for leaders in higher education.  This includes anyone who is currently in, or has held a leadership role at any higher education institution anywhere in the World, from the President/Chancellor to department chairs and directors.  The HELLO Community is for you If you are looking to–

Please reference our user guide to help navigate around the site, use its tools, and understand how our information is structuredMembership is free and without obligation.  We do not advertise nor share member information – see our privacy policy.  Should you have questions or suggestions to improve the HELLO community please use our support forums for the speediest response or use the contact us form for more private communication.

Benefits of Membership.  While much of the site content is readable to anonymous visitors, you must be a registered member to truly participate.  Only members can post content and comment on it, participate in discussions, communicate with other members, like (bookmark) pages, and share new resources with the community.  Group activities and content are also not visible to anyone but group members.  To be invited to join a group you must first be a registered member of HELLO.  As you navigate around the site you may occasionally get pages with the Error 404 title.  This simply means you are not authorized to view this page.

Registration is easy, simply click on the Register link at the top of the page.  The process essentially requires you to provide contact information and develop a profile so you can establish your credibility and other members can get to know you (see our privacy policy).  This profile also helps groups determine if you meet their membership criteria.  At this time there is no vetting of members, however it is important that members have the relevant higher education experience to be able to participate in the community in a constructive way, and those not meeting this requirement may have their membership rescinded by the community administrators.

Video Overview

Please click on the play button to see a nine minute comprehensive overview of the HELLO Community web site.  It is recommended that you view this full screen by clicking on the bottom right button within the player.