Gather Data from Members

Conduct a Simple Poll

Polls are simple surveys that can be assigned to members of a forum.  To create a poll open an existing forum or start a new one within a group.  Within the forum add a new topic and check the box to create an associated poll.  Add your poll title, questions and select who can complete it.  Save the poll, and sit back and wait for the data to roll in.

Conduct a More Extensive Survey

Unfortunately we have not yet found a tool to enable user created complex surveys within the HELLO Community.  We suggest that you create your survey in Google Forms for free.  Once you have created your survey click the [Send] button and then the send via link.  Copy the URL and then add the link to our Useful Sites page or post the link in a Forum Topic or collaborative document within HELLO.  Finally send a message to the group that you would like to respond to your survey.