About File Sharing

How many times have you created a policy, report, spreadsheet, job description, etc. from scratch knowing that someone else had created something similar and you were reinventing the wheel?  To prevent this duplication of effort HELLO members have shared files that you may find useful.  You can download, modify and use these files as you see fit.  The files have been categorized by type to help you find what you need and you can sort the file list in various ways including its rating.  Community members can rate the usefulness of each file on its download page – please do this to help push the most useful files to the top of the list.

Sharing your own files

Please consider sharing files in your possession that may be useful to the community.  When doing so it is important that you explain in detail in the file description how to use the file effectively.  Once you upload files you can manage your own files, change the description, etc.  If you are authoring a peer reviewed article you can place a hyperlink to your file in the text of the article.  You can find this by clicking on the file name and copying the URL from the browser address window.

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