MentorMatch – How it Works

Each participant in the program creates a MentorMatch Profile which collects and displays demographic data, professional background information, and preferences as a mentor and / or a mentee. Participants can also create and manage one mentoring circle each.

Users can generate a summary list of all active program participants which links to complete profiles for each individual. The list can be sorted by numerous fields, and filtered by mentoring relationship type and operational area, e.g. Academic Affairs. Users can also view a list of all of the active mentoring circles. At this time there is no algorithm that compares and presents optimal mentoring partnership candidates to each other. This may be developed in the future.

Individual and circle profiles provide comprehensive information which should enable viewers to determine their mutual compatibility for the type of mentoring relationship in which they are interested in engaging. The viewer can then chose to add the participant or circle owner to their shortlists for later consideration, or send a connection request and message to them.

Each participant can view their shortlists, mentoring requests and responses sent and received. They can then respond to each request. If the response is favorable a mentoring relationship intent is established which is followed up by a set of steps to operationalize the relationship.

Mentoring circle owners receive the membership requests for their circle and manage the ongoing membership and communication process for the group.

Should it be helpful, mentoring partners are encouraged to create a private HELLO Community group to support online discussions, document sharing, group announcements, etc.