Installing the Sentient Concept Map (SCM)

If you wish to view and edit the SCM in TheBrain client, you must first download and install the free software and then create an account on the company’s site (part of the installation process). You must then connect to and download the SCM to your local computer.

The SCM is a large database that is constantly being developed and updated by its community of contributors from higher education institutions around the World. Downloading a fresh copy for every change would be an onerous task. Fortunately, after the initial download, TheBrain client recognizes the components of the database that have changed and synchronizes only those changes between the master copy stored on TheBrain’s server and the version residing on your computer. This is a very fast and automated process; however, it requires that you have an account with TheBrain that has been authorized to access the SCM. Therefore, should you wish to view and use the SCM within its powerful client you must complete the application form below to provide your account information. Anyone with a .edu email address who agrees to the licensing requirements will be given access. If you do not have a .edu address, please indicate why you would like access and how you expect to use the database.

Once you submit the form and are approved for access your will receive an email from with a link to download and synchronize with the SCM database. If within a couple of days, you do not receive this or a follow-up email related to your application, please first check you junk-mail and then send us a message.