MentorMatch – How to Participate

To participate in the program you must complete the application process which requires the following;

  • You must be a registered member of the HELLO Community.
  • You must have a very complete community profile, which includes:
    • Your first and last name
    • Your picture.
    • Your location.
    • Your current or most recent higher ed leadership position held.
    • The URL of your most recent employer.
    • Contact information (email, phone, video conferencing). This information is required so that mentoring partners can connect. However, access can be restricted to “Friends”. Once you develop a mentoring partner you then designate them as a Friend.
  • Since participants will be sharing confidential personal information you must agree to the program’s confidentiality requirements stated on the application form.
  • You must complete the MentorMatch application form which provides background demographics, professional information, and mentoring preference information for each participant. Since the profile must be completed in a single sitting you may want to prepare the following information requested within the form, before you start the application:
    • A leadership philosophy statement.
    • A description of what you hope to achieve from the MentorMatch program.
    • If applicable, a description of why you believe you would make a good mentor.

The level of completeness of the above materials is the sole evaluation criterium used to determine acceptance into the program. This is because this information;

  • is critical in the mentor / co-mentor / mentee matching process.
  • indicates your level of interest and investment in the program.

When you submit your application it will be reviewed within a few business days and the evaluation decision communicated to you via email. Once admitted to the program you will be given access to the operational areas of the site which will appear under the MentorMatch menu item above. If denied, you may add information to your HELLO Community profile or MentorMatch profile and resubmit your application for reconsideration.