Faculty Position Allocation Analysis

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This Excel spreadsheet is used to support the decision process for allocation of faculty lines across departments and colleges within a university.  Department data on efficient use of current human resources, program growth rate, distribution of current appointment types and ranks, and multiple other factors are used in the analysis.  The spreadsheet is a companion to the article Managing Allocation of Faculty Lines Across Departments and Colleges.

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    • Author: Graham Glynn
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    • Name of HELLO Community article for which this file is a resource and in which its usefulness is further explained: Strategically Managing Allocation of Faculty Lines and Types Across Departments and Colleges – A Risk Based Model
    • URL of Article (to view please copy and paste into browser): https://hellocommunity.net/peer-review-article/a-risk-analysis-model-for-distribution-of-faculty-lines-across-departments/
    • Updated: June 8, 2019
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