MentorMatch – About the Program

MentorMatch is a program to help connect higher education leaders around the World who are interested in mentoring or being mentored. An application is required but the program is open to any member of the HELLO Community.

While many people would like to participate in a mentoring relationship it can be risky to expose your weaknesses and challenging issues to someone at your home institution. Conversely, it can be challenging to find a mentoring partner outside that home environment. MentorMatch is specifically designed to address this challenge by enabling potential mentors and mentees to advertise their interests to other participants. It is also custom designed for higher education, enabling participants to share and examine profiles which contain information unique to our professions, such as institutional Carnegie classifications, position classifications unique to higher education such as Provost or VP for Student Affairs, academic rank, and so on.

Mentoring relationship types supported by MentorMatch

MentorMatch supports three types of mentoring relationships;

  • The traditional mentor-mentee relationship in which the mentor is usually more experienced and holds a higher position within their institutional hierarchy than the mentee.
  • One-on-one peer mentoring in which participants are generally close in experience and position.
  • Mentoring circles which can have up to ten participants and in which members can be peers or vary significantly in experience and position as determined by the circle owner.

Participants can be involved in multiple mentoring relationships, the only limitation is that they may only be members of one circle.