Instructional and Promotional Videos

Just as our institutions of higher education are complex places, the model created for them is also complex. To help guide you through the many aspects of the Sentient Concept Map (SCM) we have developed the set of promotional and demonstration videos listed below. Clicking on a video will open it in the WordPress media viewer.

The video list is also presented in a recommended sequence in the help section of the SCM and available on our YouTube channel, but you will be required to look at advertisements there.

TitleLearning outcomesPublishedMin.
A high-level overview of Sentient, including its purpose, how it works, and its most important capabilities. Click06/17/2324
The President of Fairmont State University interviews Graham Glynn, the creator of Sentient.11/18/216
An introduction to Information Science and Knowledge Management and how it is implemented in Sentient.Click6/26/2322
An introduction to concept mapping and the SCMClick6/30/2324
QuickStart access to Sentient.Click7/6/2318
Improve knowledge and understanding of the institution and community shared resources.Click7/13/2325
Metrics and why data matters.Click7/22/2335
Dr. Glynn’s background and history of the Sentient initiative.Click7/24/237
Strategic planning part 1 – Preparing to plan.Click8/4/2320