About Groups

Collaborate with members in PRIVATE Groups

What’s the point of having a community if we don’t work together?  Within HELLO you can participate in the broad community and create smaller communities of your own by forming groups (screenshot) with selected members.  This offers opportunities to interact confidentially with members that you trust.  Within these PRIVATE groups you can have discussions in a forum; make announcements to the group; work with other group members to create documents and control who sees them; and get the lay of the land by conducting polls or surveys of the group membership.  You can also choose to get emails (immediately or as digests) whenever there is activity within your group.  If you would like to join a group simply click on the [Request Membership] button next to its name in the list (screenshot).  The group moderator will receive a message and determine whether or not you meet the membership criteria and respond to you either way.  By default all HELLO members can join the Everyone group where you can experiment with these group features.