Information Architecture

HELLO Community information taxonomy

Information within a community can grow exponentially as members contribute.  It is important to structure the information so people can find what they are interested in quickly and easily.  Members are therefore asked to categorize and apply tags to the resources they contribute which can then be used to filter resources.  Categories are generally used in HELLO to define what the resource is and to whom it would be of interest.  Tags are used to define the topics that the resource pertains to.  These can be different depending on the nature of the resource.  Samples of the taxonomy that are applied to various resources are listed in the table below.

Resource TypeCategory UseTag Use
Articles, Collaborative Documents, Blog posts, Books, Internet Artciles, and Forums. Interest groups – What subset of the membership would be most interested in this publication.  For example, Presidents, Members of the Office of the Chief Academic Officer. What the publication is about.  For example, assessment, strategic planning, budgets.
Shared filesThe type of file – job descriptions, contracts, case study, analytical spreadsheet, etc.
EventsThe event type – lecture, workshop, annual conference, subregional event, etc.
Useful sites The type of site – accreditor, national higher education organization, professional development organization, etc.