Contributing Content to the Community

While passive participation in the HELLO Community is welcome, we urge our members to participate actively and contribute to our community knowledge and resources.  There are many mechanisms you can use to accomplish this, such as:
  • Provide feedback on content.
    • Comment on a blog post.
    • Click on the like button on a post or rate content usefulness.
    • Participate in a poll or survey.
  • Interact with members (see the My Stuff section of the User Guide for detailed instructions on using the following features).
    • Share information about yourself by completing your profile.
    • Friend a member.
    • Follow a member.
    • Compliment a member.
    • Send private and public messages to members.
    • Invite members to join a group.
    • Mention other members in your own writings.
    • Rate submissions by other members.
  • Join a group, start your own topic in one of our group forums or reply to someone else’s post.
  • Share a file.
  • Share events that you know of and think would interest the membership.
  • Share books you have read and how you have implemented what you learned from them in your practice.
  • Recommend online articles that are relevant to leadership and management issues.
  • Share information about useful web sites you have discovered.
  • Author a peer-reviewed article to share good practices in leadership and management.
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