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Academic Keys
1066 Storrs Road, Suite D
P.O. Box 162
Storrs CT
Academic Keys offers affordable, customized academic search services for faculty, staff, and executive positions. Our searches are priced considerably lower compared to other conventional search firms. Within each specialized program, we work to ultimately place the ideal candidate(s) to ensure a strong fit and long-term partnership.

Academic Keys is a comprehensive academic search firm that supports excellence in Higher Education. We are a group of academics and administrators who founded Academic Keys in 2002. Having been involved in academic searches at our colleges and universities, we felt search firm fees were unnecessarily exorbitant. As academics, we believe that funds are better invested elsewhere: in providing quality education. In this effort to provide quality education for all, we are dedicated to finding the most mutually beneficial partnerships for our clients. We are fully committed to, and embrace, a diverse and international clientele.

We are fully committed to sourcing a culturally rich and diverse candidate pool. Academic Keys is proud to have placed both women and minority candidates in ten of our recent searches. Each of our searches includes diversity advertising. We make every effort to deliver the most talented and diverse candidates to our clients. Our diversity advertising spans all classifications in the EEO-1, as well as protected veterans.
Our extensive database of more than one million potential candidates allows us to quickly source qualified applicants to ensure a timely search. We additionally source passive candidates through research, personal and professional networks, and a strong social media presence. Our streamlined process begins with a discussion to determine university goals, needs, and timelines.

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Academic Search
1015 18th Street, NW, Suite 510
Washington, DC
We’re here to provide the highest level of search to our clients, and to assist in enriching the pipeline of potential leaders for higher education.

Every search firm has distinguishing credentials. We believe we’re unique in our commitment to both identifying and developing leadership. As the subsidiary of the American Academic Leadership Institute, we provide significant funds each year to deliver professional development programs to more than 80 educators who have been nominated by their campuses to enhance their leadership potential. Furthermore, many of our consultants volunteer each year to assist other organizations in their leadership programs.

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AGB Search
1133 20th St. NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC
AGB Search emphasizes leadership, relationships, professionalism, integrity, inclusivity, and sustainability. These values guide our decision making and interactions with clients, partners, and each other.

AGB Search works with institutions to develop a thorough understanding of their needs and culture, and identify the best pool of leadership candidates. Our proven process and commitment to success make us the right partner for our clients. AGB Search also provides transition assistance for new presidents to establish a solid foundation for long-term success.

AGB Search is higher education’s most trusted source for highly qualified interim cabinet-level leaders. We are flexible in adapting to your needs and processes, and we can accommodate any timetable.

At AGB Search, we are dedicated to client success and guarantee a smooth, effective search. We collaborate with clients to discover what makes each institution distinct and present the best candidates for each position, so you find the right leader for you.

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572 Washington Street, Suite #15
Wellesley, MA
A retained, highly specialized search firm focusing on the Educational Sector.

Each college, university and independent school has unique qualities and needs. The reason for utilizing Deerfield Associates Executive Search, Inc. for your search is our “Value Added”. Our ability to recruit and attract the best candidate for your particular hiring need in a timely manner is what we do best.

We commit to working with our clients to provide:
– A strategic overview of the hiring profile.
– A first rate, creative, energetic and pro-active recruitment process.
– A professional and in-depth assessment on each candidate presented.
– Constant attention being paid to finding the best candidate.
– Our clients and candidates with the highest level of personalized service.
– The resources necessary to get the search done in a timely manner.

Each college, university and independent school has unique qualities and needs. Find out how Deerfield Associates Executive Search, Inc. can select the best professional for your organization.


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EFL Associates
EFL Associates is a retained executive search firm that provides executive recruitment solutions for clients who need to select the best talent possible to lead their organizations’ key roles.

EFL Associates is a retained executive search firm that provides talent management solutions for clients who need to select the best talent possible to lead their organizations’ key roles. Our firm is unique because our partners consult clients on their organization before searching for their next executive.

Diversity is not limited to simply ethnicity and gender, but also extends to diversity in experience and thought. But, attracting and retaining diverse talent can be a daunting challenge. Data demonstrates that organizations that embrace a diverse culture are more likely to consistently maximize performance. According to research by Deloitte, the most diverse and inclusive organizations are 1.7 times more likely to be innovative leaders in their industry. They are 1.8 times more likely to be ready for change and have 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee.

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Higher Education Leadership Search
We are matching talented candidates with distinguished positions in the most cost-effective, streamlined and efficient manner.

Higher Education Leadership Search has developed strategic partnerships with Columbus State University (GA) Leadership Institute – which provides a Leadership Assessment Suite of Personality Profile Instruments for our clients to assist in the evaluation of candidates prior to selection.

(256) 239 2305
PO Box 214
Conway, PA
Hyatt-Fennell have helped their clients find the next qualified professional for many different positions within their organization.

Hyatt-Fennell brings over 60 years of combined highly successful executive search expertise to its clients, a reputation for achieving results on the national and international level, and the ability to place top executives with higher educational institutions nationwide. The Executive Search firms of Gallagher~Fennell Higher Education Services and The Charitable Resources Group merged in 2010 to formalize their partnership and create HYATT-FENNELL, Executive Search.

Committed to providing the highest quality of service to help their clients succeed, Hyatt-Fennell has helped clients find their next qualified professional for many different positions. Their clients include higher education institutions, K-12 and independent schools, civic and religious organizations, health care facilities, and cultural and social welfare institutions. Hyatt-Fennell has a special bond with the independent sector and a deep understanding of faith-based institutions. Hyatt-Fennell provides counsel in all areas of executive search including building client and candidate relationships, conducting prospect and candidate research and interviews, overseeing final selection of candidate, and negotiating terms of acceptance. Hyatt-Fennell limits the number of assignments in order to give each search the highest priority and the full attention of every staff member. We truly enjoy our work. It is more than a business ~ it is an opportunity to serve. Hyatt-Fennell will continue to successfully serve non-profit and higher education institutions while keeping our costs at a fair and competitive rate.

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Isaacson Miller, Inc.
263 Summer Street, 7th Floor
Boston, MA
Building a qualified candidate pool requires judgment, creativity, and experience. We recruit carefully and broadly, looking for analogous experience, technical competence, and a clear passion for our client’s mission. We protect confidentiality, and take particular care to keep candidates apprised of their status.

We are often asked to play a role in the contract negotiations between our client and the candidate. Although we do not provide legal advice, we can help think through compensation packages and advise on relocation and family considerations. Our goal is to help our client make the best hire possible.

While our growing database of roughly 300,000 individuals provides one basis for our canvassing, we actively solicit our clients’ suggestions while conducting extensive research to develop additional leads. Underlying every search is our longstanding commitment to recruit qualified women and people of color.

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Keeling & Associates
55 Harry Kemp Way,
Provincetown, MA
A true partnership involves entirely unique work processes to solve the stickiest of problems, and create the biggest impact for the culture of higher learning.

Ever since we started K&A, our primary goal has always been trying to improve learning and outcomes for students and institutions, and we still do that.
That’s our history and our future all in one. We collaborate with the sharpest minds in higher education to better higher learning for all students, let’s imagine the next changes together.

We enjoy our work and each other. We have a passion for excellence. We are exceptional problem-solvers. We are known as “truth tellers.” We assist clients with their goals for accelerating change. We help our clients think strategically. We are intellectually rigorous. We emphasize practical, sustainable change. We make our consulting projects educational and transformative.
More than anything else, we believe in the power and value of higher education; we work to support colleges and universities in realizing their potential.

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Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm, synchronizing strategy and talent to drive superior performance for our clients.

No one knows more about aligning talent and organizational strategies than Korn Ferry. With our unique expertise, we can help you release the power of your collective genius and drive superior performance.

By aligning your people and structure, we give you more.
By closing the gap between the talent you have and the talent you need, we give you more.
By finding the right candidates for your business at every level, in every location, we give you more.
By supporting leaders at every level, we give you more.
By building integrated rewards programs that are in sync with your strategy, we give you more.

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1- 800-633-4410