Month: April 2019

Member Recommended Internet Site: ACE Prior Learning Assessment

For more than 60 years, ACE has been a nationally recognized leader in the evaluation of workforce and military training, providing standards, practices, and tools that higher education institutions can rely on. Many nontraditional students can demonstrate college-level knowledge and competencies. Such learning—gained from experiences outside postsecondary education—often merits academic credit. Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) provides a range of options from recognition of military and workforce training to national examinations and portfolio development. With more options comes the increased likelihood for greater numbers of learners to complete credentials.

Member Recommended Book: Academic Leadership and Governance of Higher Education

Academic Leadership and Governance of Higher Education: A Guide for Trustees, Leaders, and Aspiring Leaders (Click for more information and to purchase from Amazon)

To meet the new and rapidly changing demands facing today’s higher education managers and leaders – from department chairs to trustees – this book offers guidance on how to effectively discharge their responsibilities and how to develop their skills for managing their relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Member Recommended Events Summary List

The following events have been added to the HELO Community aggregated calendar which lists events hosted by many organizations across the World.  Visit our calendar for more information, to comment, and share on social media. 

  • CASE Management Institute
  • Canada Fundraising for Leadership Study Tour 2019
  • GDP: Leading and chairing the governing body
  • BME Leadership in Higher Education Summit 2019
  • Research Team Leadership (RTL19)
  • Strategic Leadership Programme (SLP7)
  • ePortfolio Research and Practice: New Findings from the International Journal of ePortfolio
  • Leading Transformation in Learning and Teaching 13
  • Annual Conference for Corporate and Foundation Relations Officers
  • GDP: Governance for small,