New Article Published: Building a World-Class Faculty

Building a World-class faculty requires that the institution hire the best faculty that it can, grow the knowledge, skills and effectiveness of existing faculty, retain the best and eliminate poor performers who are unwilling to grow. Effective faculty hiring requires numerous considerations: internal and external clarity about the knowledge and skills needed for the position; an effective resource allocation process that lets departments know the open funded lines they will have at least 18 months in advance of hiring deadlines; a recruiting strategy that garners the largest and most qualified applicant pool possible; an efficient search process that selects the most qualified candidates, enables the institution to make offers in advance of the competition, and hopefully close the deal with top choice candidates; and the funding to offer within-market competitive compensation packages. Growing the existing faculty requires investment in faculty development resources and nurturing a culture that expects and rewards excellence. Retaining the best faculty requires that the institution offer challenging opportunities for growth within the disciplines and in leadership roles, and that it maintains a positive campus climate. It also requires a meaningful review and mentoring processes, and that we establish and enforce policies to eliminate long-term poor performers.  Read the full article at .

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