Creating an Editable Version of Sentient

TheBrain maintains a master copy of the Sentient Concept Map (SCM) on its servers and bi-directionally synchronizes all changes between client installations that have authoring rights (the development team) and sends all changes to clients who have read rights. All users who have a subscription and select the <Sync Brain> item menu or the <Sync Automatically> (recommended) option from the <Online> drop-down in the app receive any pending updates to the SCM. Note that this can include deletions and re-organization of thoughts. This creates a “Local Copy of the Community SCM”. Synchronized versions of the universal institutional model cannot therefore be used as local production instances. A local independent copy must first be created by cloning the universal version, and then modifying it to match local conditions, naming conventions, facility names, and so on.

Create a customized institutional clone of the Universal Institutional Model

The parts of the SCM that an institution is interested in implementing need to be cloned from the “Local Copy of the Community SCM” to create a separate new editable concept map, managed, accessed, and owned exclusively by the institution. It is recommended that the initial institutional version be a complete clone of the “Local copy of the Master Community SCM” so that the SCM framework, which consists of thought and connector types, the tags assigned to thoughts, the connector structure, and the schemas created to classify thoughts and tags, is included in the institutional concept map. Most of the framework, particularly for US Higher Education Institutions (HEI), should apply across institutions without the need for much customization. For example, Deans and Department Chairs are very common roles within nearly all institutions. Most institutions will have a Division of Student Affairs, but the faculty development center for example, may have a unique name. The best way to preserve the SCM framework during the cloning process is to create a brain archive file of the “Local copy of the Community SCM” as shown below and import this to create a new brain called the “Master Institutional SCM”. This local installation will need to be made available on TheBrain servers as a master copy that is available for other users within the institution to access and synchronize with.

Creating an archive file.

Once the “Master Institutional SCM” is created then your will need to delete/make private the components within it that are not currently needed. To bring additional components online later the private status can be removed, or they can be exported from the “Local copy of the Community SCM” and imported into the “Master Institutional SCM”. The final step is for users at the institution to download and create a “Local Copy of Master Institutional SCM” which will therefore reside on many computers throughout the institution. These copies should be automatically synchronized with the “Master Institutional SCM” on TheBrain servers. This requires a subscription. At this stage users can be assigned authoring or read only rights to the “Master Institutional SCM”.