Course and faculty evaluation systems

Class Climate
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Eagan, MN
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Make your institution stand out by learning precisely what students think of your courses and programs.
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Class Climate® provides fast and accurate processing for paper and online questionnaires in a single system. Functions include reports on study courses, departments, training seminars and programs to fit your organization. Raw data is just a few clicks away for a more detailed analysis.
Get valuable insight into course or seminar effectiveness using a single survey for mobile, online, and paper delivery. Class Climate automatically displays the right format for the device. And all results are stored in a single database so you see unified results at a glance.
Increase response rates with automatic in-progress reminders.
Send instant feedback to individual instructors or trainers (allowing them to make changes while still involved in an ongoing course) or schedule end-of-course emailed reports to all instructors after grades are turned in.
Identify potential areas for improvement and help shape future curriculum, courses and seminars, using our automated, threshold-based course quality management features.
Support different programs with different needs, including measuring learning outcomes, evaluating team-taught courses, and much more
Export data in SPSS or Excel formats for further data analysis.

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Explorance Blue
Address: 1470 Peel Street, Suite 500, H3A 1T1
Montreal, QC,
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Learn how Blue can automate your course evaluations.
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Through deep integration, Blue leverages enrollment data at the source enabling full automation of course evaluations institution wide. Key highlights include:

Distribution/reallocation of reports based on institutional hierarchy.

Availability of course reports after grades are released.

Supporting courses with different start/end dates and durations.

Handling of late withdrawals and registrations.

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1 514-938-2111
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New York, NY
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Empowering Better Learning
By providing innovative technology you can trust, Watermark empowers institutions with better data to improve learning.
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We’ve spent the last 20 years helping thousands of colleges and universities spend less time collecting data and more time learning from it. Our experience has enabled us to develop innovative technologies that empower institutions to support meaningful assessment practices and use better data to improve learning.

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(800) 311-5656