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  • Member Resource File Shared: A Feature Set Comparison of General Education Assessment Tools

    Document provides a comparative analysis of the CLA, ETS, and CAAP general education assessment tools to help an institution determing which best meets its needs. Document was authored around 2014 but still has much relevance and would be a great starting point for a more current comparison.

  • Member Recommended Book: Keeping Cool on the Hot Seat

    This is the 5th edition of this book. Since initially published in 2001, it has been used by numerous organizations of all kinds to help them know what to do and say in the opening moments of a crisis. Those who have received it from their companies after having gone through the workshop on the same topic have found it to be a ready reference. It is easy to grab when something bad happens that thrusts them into the public eye in a potentially negative way. For those who have not been through the workshop, it can provide them with the basic information they need to make a positive initial impression with the news media and the public and then follow through to a conclusion that allows them to save their corporate reputation.

  • Member Recommended Internet Site: ACE Prior Learning Assessment

    For more than 60 years, ACE has been a nationally recognized leader in the evaluation of workforce and military training, providing standards, practices, and tools that higher education institutions can rely on. Many nontraditional students can demonstrate college-level knowledge and competencies. Such learning—gained from experiences outside postsecondary education—often merits academic credit. Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) provides a range of options from recognition of military and workforce training to national examinations and portfolio development. With more options comes the increased likelihood for greater numbers of learners to complete credentials.

  • Member Recommended Book: Academic Leadership and Governance of Higher Education

    To meet the new and rapidly changing demands facing today’s higher education managers and leaders – from department chairs to trustees – this book offers guidance on how to effectively discharge their responsibilities and how to develop their skills for managing their relationships with internal and external stakeholders. It also provides a broad understanding of the structure and functions of their institution and of the appropriate loci of decision-making.

  • Member Resource File Shared: Reference Interview Questions

    Reference Interview Questions Description: A collection of questions that a hiring manager may ask references provided by a candidate for a job such as a faculty position.  Part of the set of documents supporting the Building a World-Class Faculty article…. Read More ›

  • Member Recommended Book: The Practice of Adaptive Leadership

    The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World Abbrev. Description:  When change requires you to challenge people’s familiar reality, it can be difficult, dangerous work. Whatever the context–whether in the private or the… Read More ›

  • Member Recommended Internet Site: Middle States Commission on Higher Education

    Middle States Commission on Higher Education Category: Accreditor – Institutional and program specific accreditors Description: The Mid-Atlantic Region Commission on Higher Education, doing business as the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), was formally incorporated under Pennsylvania Commonwealth law… Read More ›

  • Member Resource File Shared: Faculty Appointment Guidelines

    Faculty Appointment Guidelines (Click to access) Category: Guidelines Description: Provides a tabular classification of faculty appointment types correlated with educational and workload expectations, appointment duration, teaching loads, tenure status, etc. About HELLO The above resource file was shared on the… Read More ›

  • Member Recommended Event: ACE 2019

    ACE 2019 (click for more information) Dates: March 9 @ 5:00 pm – March 12 @ 11:30 am UTC-5 Location: Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, 1200 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 United States Description: The American Council on Education’s 101st Annual Meeting…. Read More ›

  • Member Recommended Internet Article: Another New Provost?

    Another New Provost? Description: An interesting faculty perspective on the impact of rapid turnover of the Provost at a university.Original Date of Publication: March 19, 2018Publishing Organization: The Chronicle of Higher Education The above Internet article recommendation was published on the… Read More ›

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