Institutional Awards

Creating Congruence Between the Faculty Role and Institutional Expectations, Recognitions and Rewards

Institutional harmony and efficiency can be greatly enhanced by ensuring that institutional expectations of faculty (as defined by the faculty body) are overtly shared and clearly defined. They should also align with institutional reward (promotion, tenure and merit) and recognition systems (awards etc.). By studying this article and its linked resources, and by using the associated shared files, you will be able to:
• Design a process to help clarify faculty expectations and create better alignment between expectations and their rewards and recognition at your institution.
• Constitute and charge a task force to examine expectations of faculty at your institution.
• Provide guidance to the task force of good practices for executing its charge and processes for analyzing its results.
• Clarify task force expectations by sharing a sample outputs and reports from task forces that have completed their charge.
• Formulate a plan to communicate and leverage the task force output to improve hiring practices, the promotion and tenure processes, improve faculty morale and the understanding of the faculty role in a variety of constituent groups.