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    About Admin istrator

    Firstname: Admin

    Lastname: istrator

    MentorMatch Status: Open to membership in a co-mentoring circle.

 Admin hopes to achieve the following from participating in the MentorMatch program:

I am looking forward to getting to know colleagues in similar positions to mine, and learning from their experiences.

Admin believes they will be a good mentor because:

I derive great satisfaction from helping other people grow.

Admin was born in 1977 and has an identified gender of not disclosed. Ethnically, Admin identifies as not disclosed. Admin is fluent in Danish and Dari and Faroese and Farsi.

Admin would self-describe as: Enthusiastic, Friendly, and has the following non-job-related interests, hobbies, and skills:


Admin istrator‘s communication preferences and zone

Admin prefers to communicate via Face-to-face and lives/works in the UTC−02:00 time zone.

Admin istrator‘s leadership background and aspirations

In their career Admin istrator has predominantly worked at institutions within the Doctoral Universities Carnegie classification and at an operational level of System - multi institutional. Admin‘s predominant operational area has been in Advancement / Fund Raising. Admin has had 5 years of experience in this area and achieved the rank of Associate Vice President / Chancellor. Admin‘s leadership philosophy is:

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Within the next 5 years Admin aspires to reach the rank of President / Chancellor at an operational level of System member Institution- Single or multi-campus.

Admin‘s preferences as a mentoring recipient:

Admin prefers mentors / co-mentors who have experience working in institutions with a Carnegie classification of , at an operational level of , in the area of . Ideally, Admin‘s mentors / co-mentors should have experience in the role of , and have held the academic rank of at least no preference. Admin prefers mentors / co-mentors who identify ethnically as no preference, and whose gender is No preference.

Admin‘s preferences as mentoring provider:

Admin prefers mentees who are from an institution with the Master's Colleges and Universities Carnegie classification at the level of System member Institution- Single or multi-campus; who work in the area of Academic Affairs; hold the position of at least Executive Vice President; and have an academic rank of at least no preference. Admin prefers mentees who identify ethnically as no preference and whose gender is no preference.

General Notes and “Other” Explanations

More Information

View Admin‘s HELLO Community profile for additional background and contact information.

My Connections with Admin istrator

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    Please consider being my peer mentor – Request accepted;

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23409 State Hwy K, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080, USA