The Assessment Commons

The Assessment Commons

A collection of resources supporting assessment in Higher Education.

We are an open learning space that curates content for faculty and assessment professionals through resources and tools for student learning outcomes assessment, teaching and learning, program review and accreditation. In many ways, the Assessment Commons is a baton pass. The original Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment site was conceptualized, created and developed by Ephraim Schechter. Dr. Schechter first posted the list in 1995 at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Later, it lived at the University of North Carolina system office and later at North Carolina State University. NC State kindly hosted it for many years. The list currently has about 1,500 links, including over 500 college and university assessment sites. We keep looking for new resources and lists of links, and for new pages on individual institutions’ assessment programs. If you know of sites that we should add to this list, please email us their Internet addresses.

Curriculum and Assessment


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