Get More Involved

Members are encouraged to go beyond lurking and get more involved in the community. The following is a list of suggestions in order of progressive levels of involvement. To volunteer for any activities please use the contact us page.

  • Contribute to community content and knowledge.
  • Provide us with feedback on how to improve the community or new features you would like to see.
  • Volunteer to moderate an existing group.
  • Form your own group for a subset of our users or around a specific topic. Moderate the membership and content. Seed the discussion group with interesting and provocative posts to keep the members engaged.
  • Spread the word about the HELLO community by, for example, presenting to a local leadership group, at a state board meeting, at a workshop or conference. An overview PowerPoint presentation is available to assist you with this activity. Please let us know how we can enhance this presentation or otherwise support these activities.
  • Volunteer to join one of our boards.