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While we hope that you will visit the HELLO Community web site often, there are multiple other mechanisms to keep you connected.  All members are automatically subscribed to our Blog and receive email updates when new posts are published.  You can adjust the frequency of these emails via links at the bottom of each message. In addition, many other member interactions on the site also generate email notifications.  When you join a group, for example, you can sign up to receive email digests of the group’s activities.  You can manage email frequency for all notifications in the Email section of your Settings on your My Stuff page.

HELLO Community social media sites

Much of the activity on the HELLO web site will also be posted on the HELLO Community’s social media sites.  Please follow us on LinkedIn, friend us on Facebook, or subscribe to our Twitter feed.  See the footer of every page for links to these sites.  Please like or repost our content when it shows up in your personal feeds.

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The vertical menu on the right side of many of our pages contains an Invite Anyone widget.  Simply enter the email addresses of friends and colleagues whom you think may have an interest in the HELLO Community.  You can then customize the subject and text of the email, and even chose groups that potential members might have an interest in joining, before sending the message.

Sharing on your own social media sites

All of our content posts have links to social media sites at the bottom of the page.  Click on the appropriate icon to repost the item on your personal site.