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As a smaller campus for a multi-campus college, I am looking to optimize our organizational structure to better position our campus for growth as we look to add new programming and partnerships.  Most of our full-time positions have supervisors based at our larger campus, with only 2 full-time admin/management level employees at our smaller campus.  Some data points for current semester:

  • ~2500 students per semester
  • ~100 faculty
    • 35% residential
    • 65% adjunct faculty
  • ~70 staff
    • 42% full-time staff
    • 58% part-time staff

While collaboration and consistent communication/processes across campuses are extremely important, the current structure often limits participation/representation from our smaller campus employees/students on important decision-making.  I am looking for structures used at other institutions with multiple campuses that have work well to ensure consistency in college processes and standards, participation by key stakeholders from smaller campus(es) in decision-making, maximization of operational efficiencies, and open, consistent communication.

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