HELLO Community Beta Test

The long awaited launch, at least by me, of the HELLO Community site has finally arrived.  The site is in beta-test mode, meaning I am hoping to work out all the kinks before really promoting it.  So kick the tires and try everything out!  Let me know through the support forums, contact us page, or simply by commenting on this post, about issues you encounter or suggestions you have to improve the site.  The major features are stable but I am still doing some fine tuning and copy editing so you may see some small changes over time.  The site is lite on member contributed content right now so please feel free to add to the blog, start discussion forums, and add other shared content.  I will be adding articles, mainly from a book I started writing a few years ago, over the coming months.  I will also be adding as many useful files, books, event, and links as I can.

For the technophiles, the site is built in WordPress with a myriad of plugins providing the additional functionality supporting things like the social networking, journal publishing, file and book sharing and so on.  It has been a fun but intense few months pulling it all together.  I hope folks find it useful and am looking forward to getting your feedback.

Categories: Chief Academic Affairs Office Staff, Dean’s Office Staff (Deans, Executive Deans, Associate/Assistant Deans, etc.), Department Chair Office Staff (Chairs, Assistant Chairs, Program Directors, etc.), Foundation/Development Staff, Office Director’s Staff (Director, Assoc./Assist. Director, Coordinator, etc.), President’s Office Staff, University Board Member, Vice President IT Staff (VP, Assoc./Assist. VP, etc.), Vice President Student Affairs Staff (VP, Assoc./Assist. VP, etc.)

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